Home prices in some areas of San Diego, especially Southeast, have gone way up in the past five years. more

Oct 14, 2016 1:00 PM Real Estate & Construction


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San Diego County’s most walkable city is also a leader in providing housing for lower-income residents. more

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But you have to live in Temecula more

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As home sharing takes off, HOAs and municipalities are imposing new rules to control what many see as a growing problem. more

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Dec 11, 2015 10:45 AM

While San Diego's most affluent neighborhoods tend to score well when it comes to good schools, low crime and other factors, some more affordable neighborhoods buck the trend. more

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That means more need to be replaced — at a cost to homeowners more

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The addition of grass has some seeing red because we're in a drought more

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Since summer, the Balboa Park building where it's based has been closed more

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Once again, Coronado is king of family-friendly neighborhoods

Our City undertook an extensive study to identify the best neighborhoods for families based on five main categories: schools, crime and safety, access to youth facilities, moral cleanliness, and health. more

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From beer to business, military to moms — San Diego’s blogosphere is thriving. more

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Does laid-back beat over-the-top? You decide. more

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A good number of San Diego's streets sport some serious gibberish. more

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At 68, Skip Frye is a man who has spent much of his life in the sun, at the beach and in the surf. more

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Our City San Diego counted the number of sex offenders through the Megan's Law website and compared that with the square miles of individual San Diego County neighborhoods. more

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Since the end of the recession in 2008, San Diego’s population has grown by 3.9 percent. more

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The City of La Mesa has cut down all the shade trees along its commercial mainstreet, San Diego UrbDeZine reports. more

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Our City used data from GreatSchools to calculate a neighborhood score based on elementary, middle and high schools. more

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