Laira Martin

San Diego’s universities have an undeniable effect on our city, generating some of our greatest business visionaries, but out-of-state schools make their mark too. more

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USD experts give predictions more

Business & Economics

Mike Whitton

Stuart Handy

The nation’s largest firms once flooded into San Diego, but changes in the market mean more consolidation than growth in recent years. more

Business & Economics

Don’t be alarmed if you happen upon a group of people laughing hysterically at Balboa Park. No, it is not the weekly meeting of the Cheech and Chong fan club. They’re practicing laughter yoga, the latest health trend that is popping up all over SD. more

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Photo by Jaryl C. on Yelp.jpg

Photo by Jaryl C. on Yelp

A year of beer in San Diego had a greater economic impact on our city than the 2015 Super Bowl had on the entire state of Arizona. Success never tasted so good. more

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Photo by Michell H. on Yelp

Yelp's data science team analyzed the most popular and well reviewed eateries during the course of 2014. Nine San Diego eateries made the list of top 100 in the U.S. more

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Maria Desiderata Montana

Four families dominate the San Diego Italian culinary scene with 29 restaurants. And while their control over Italian dining comes nowhere close to a monopoly, they set the tone for the region when it comes to authenticity, quality and decor. more

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From beer to business, military to moms — San Diego’s blogosphere is thriving. more

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While the words “San Diego” and “art” are hardly synonymous, if you look hard enough, there is a thriving underground art scene. more

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Even though Scott Sherman was a new council member, he was criticizing Bob Filner before it was fashionable. more

Politics & Civic Issues

The City Heights Vietnamese community gets official recognition from the city. more

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