The town hall fight club

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The bullying comes from Congress, not the people

In your article, you wrote "So, Hunter showed up to get bullied." Wrong. It is NOT bullying for constituents to tell their elected representative that he or she is doing a poor job.

If the public is angry with Hunter, Issa, or any elected representative it is because these politicians made members of the public angry by failing to address their needs. People need healthcare . . . but Hunter, Issa, and their GOP colleagues voted to take it away. People need jobs that pay enough to cover housing, healthy food, utilities, transportation, and ordinary needs plus a few movies or dinners out of the house every so often . . . but Hunter, Issa, and the GOP are against raising the minimum wage. People need security for their children and grandchildren . . . but Hunter, Issa, and the GOP oppose environmental protections. Hunter, Issa, and their ilk vote to protect corporations, not the human beings who they represent.

These politicians are focused on major donors – that means corporate donors – to their campaigns because their own re-elections are more important to them than the well-being of the people they promised to represent.

Marilynn Mika Spencer
Spencer Johnson McCammon LLP
San Diego

Marilynn Mika Spencer 326 days ago