San Diego trash cans reaching old age



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Trash can repair

I had a small hole maybe 6"x 6" glued a piece of black plastic over the hole so it doesn't leak then wrapped it with gorilla black duct tape a very good repair and they still tag the can with a pink sticker I see many cans with just tape on them that are stii being picked up, can some one please tell me why this is

James Rendon more than 1 year ago

Trash cans

I have only had one black one break. Lately it has been the blue ones breaking. At least it is nice to have new ones.

Liam more than 1 year ago

Trash cans

There is a serious issue with the drivers in San Diego who pick up regular trash. We've had the blue and green ones just as long as the black and they are still good. The reason the black ones break down is due to the drivers who pick them up. I have come home to them halfway down the block laying on its side, or thrown in the driveway . I have watched the driver pick it up and drop it from about 4-5 feet up. As well as using the claw very roughly and breaking it. Our trash can was fine and today the guy came and he broke the middle as well as his hydraulic system on the truck and then told us that it was already broken and we have to buy a new one. If the issue is with the drivers then we shouldn't pay for their lack of care. The city needs to put them through new training or hire people that will do the job right.

Madeline Ford more than 1 year ago

trash cans

My black trash can was dropped by the trash truck and the lid split in half. When I called to complain about the driver and his lack of performance, I was told a supervisor would return my call. I called back three times, and all times the supervisor was too busy to take my call. I almost feel this was done intentional to get me to buy a new trash can. I've talked to several neighbors and their cans have also been abused by the trash truck.

yeya more than 2 years ago

broken by the trash man

I just came home to find my trash can busted up and lying on its side. I am going to call and see what they will do. Very frustrating.

Christina more than 2 years ago


LOOK at your trash can, It says "Property of the City of San Diego"! So why do each of us with broken trash cans have to replace the city property? and why do they replace the recycling cans and not the ones with the potential for the worst health effects! And why should we support such leadership that believes a stadium is a public responsibility, and trash pickup in uniformly maintained containers is optional or the responsibility of the homeowner? Faulkoner and others take note....

John de Beck more than 2 years ago