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Why we need blogs

I normally go to local city blogs, it doesn't matter it's San Diego, or another city. I work for Seal Transportation, a San Diego local limo company, and we do some blogs to introduce our company, and also San Diego. I believe we should do more to introduce the city in a better way.

Robert Ashford more than 2 years ago

More details needed? Go to local sites..

Whenever i think about what i don't know about San Diego, i feel somethings not on my list that i should go and see that place.. And you can only find these kind of places on local sites, blogs.. And here is the thing i just learned about Topiary Garden in Mission Hills.. And learning more day by day...

Robert Ashford more than 2 years ago

Why blogging is important?

I do believe blogging is very important, and useful if it used for the right purpose, it's useful to give information, share your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and also train some followers. I am the manager at Seal Transportation, a local car service here in San Diego. We do have a blog site, and sometimes our blog person shares some very important information about rides, city, and traveling.. So, the blog should be created for a purpose i believe..

Robert Ashford more than 2 years ago

Local Wally

Check it out! I just redesigned and relaunched Local Wally's Guide to San Diego ( with new content and a cool modern design. I hope you still like it! Wally

Local Wally more than 2 years ago