Proposed Chargers stadium: Love it or hate it?

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How can ANYONE in good conscience support any form of public funding or assistance for an entertainment forum while our school children have temporary classrooms in mobile trailers, broken air conditioners and limited funding for programs. The inherent selfishness of people who believe that "their" team is more important than repairing or modernizing our public elementary and middle schools is simply mind boggling. Entertainment over education-yay.

Paul Neuharth more than 1 year ago

Priories redux

I totally agree with Paul Neuharth but would add another entity which is prioritizing sports facilities over repairing and modernizing our public schools. Not only that, they are using the bond money that voters approved for repairing and modernizing our public schools. Of course, I'm referring to the SD Unified School District.

Judy Swink more than 1 year ago