No offense, but we're not that smart



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Paradise Lost

Yes it was, now it's not. The greedy rich are getting richer. And the city can't keep its employees from robbing it blind. Time to abandon the sinking ship.

Simple more than 2 years ago


This commentary is pretty dumb, proving your point.

michael-leonard more than 2 years ago

San Dumb Diego

Who comes up with these titles? "World's Smart City" is almost a dumb as "America's Finest City." Perhaps if you've never lived in a real city. San Diego thinks about as far ahead as the next losing sporting event. Yes, we are finally getting somewhere in the technology and bio tech industries but building 10,000+ new homes in Mission Valley where the mid week afternoon mall traffic is already gridlock is just plain stupid. Not to mention that pesky 500 year flood. In case you didn't know, Mission Valley is a river bed. Tell that to "Dug" Manchester who will be adding even more residences once he unloads the UT to the LA Times. Well, that is a bit of poetic justice but I digress.
Thank you for starting a list of the things that San Diego could do way better at. Oh, and why is there a choice between paper or plastic? Don't even get me started with all the gas being wasted while idling at 3 minute red lights, the broken sprinkler heads on city owned medians with lawns, and that moronic "improvement" on Park Blvd. where "express" buses get to sail along in the middle of the road for 2 blocks. WooHoo!

Rand Allen more than 2 years ago