Grand Jury rips city trash cans

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New Trash bins

Even with a new trash bin we purchased (you can save $25 if you go and pick them up) the driver had the lid broken within two weeks of purchase. They slam them down so hard the lid flips back and they break them.

Bob Adams more than 1 year ago

it's the trucks fault

According to the writing on the bins, they are the property of environmental services, NOT homeowners. and, since it is their trash collection machines that beat up the cans, I've always thought that the bins should be replaced by environmental services.

michael-leonard more than 1 year ago

Grand jury is clueless

The grand jury misses the bigger issue. San Diego single family residents need to PAY for trash collection instead of those costs being paid from the General fund. Funds would therefore be available for replacement cans and none of this would be an issue and there would be money for fixing potholes. City "leaders" do not have the guts for this or for other obvious revenue streams like paying for parking at the beach like every other big city. Grow up San Diego!

Stan more than 1 year ago

Grand Jury Trashes the City trash system.

The City once again plays games with OUR money! And gives special benefits to some and NOT ALL! No, no one, wants trash all over the place...but that isn't a care of the trash truck drivers, the City personnel, or our elected officials. As for having single family residents paying for tra$h collection, yes that should be done, cheaply and slowly ramping up a fee...b/c they already pay TOO much for sewer & water, electricity, and taxes, but equity IS needed. We renters & H.O.A. members have to pay for trash. BUT there is a BIG problem here, and where, the City could get fund$ for making the City trash system better! Look, I've been to hundreds of apartment & condo complexes, and I REGULARLY see recyclables in the garbage bins, not only is this very inefficient, but ALSO ILLEGAL! So the City should be having more monitoring and fines! If this is not done, the State could, AND HAS, fined us as a City (of San Diego) for not meeting recycling standard/law. We need more code enforcers on the job. These are good living wage jobs that can be done by most people without degrees, a little training, and all within their own neighborhoods/communities! It could even be done part-time, with code violation papers being filed online. We need good paying jobs, we need better housing, we need less dangerous housing, and we NEED to hold Landlords responsible for making lots of money. They are involved in the #AffordableHousingSD crisis...therefore need to be held responsible. Many times we see their contractors and maintenance workers leave trash & pollutants in the public space, and/or not well managed. Thank you for your paper! Keep up the GREAT work! more than 1 year ago