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Short Term Vacation Rentals in Single Family Neighborhoods

Councilman Cate says he is thinking of neighborhoods, but when it comes to making a decision on what is best for neighborhoods, he is not thinking outside his district. I live in Pacific Beach, where the number of Short Term Vacation Rentals have grown to over 1,400. Many of these are popping up in large numbers in Single Family Neighborhoods. Imagine if Mr.Cate had to go to work the next day, and he was kept up by loud people partying to all hours of the night. Imagine you are that long term resident and you call the Police, but they can't come because they are short staffed and addressing other higher priority calls.. When Mr.Cate votes in favor of Short Term Vacation Rentals in Single Family Neighborhoods, he is voting to have fewer families wanting to move to these transient neighborhoods. He is also going to see our school enrollment from our local community go way down. Right now for example, Mission Bay High School only draws 30% of its students from our community. I would like to say to Mr.Cate, neighborhoods are not only about money and drawing taxes from these STVR's. Single family neighborhoods are made up of people who have saved their hard earned money to buy a house, and send their kids to good schools. They moved to these neighborhoods to be a part of a community, and contribute positively to it.
Short Term Vacation Rentals do not do this in Single Family Neighborhoods. Before you vote in favor of STVR in Single Family Neighborhoods, rent a house next to one of these Vacation Rentals, and experience it yourself.

marcella teran more than 2 years ago

traffic on miramesa blvd mornin and evenin is intolerable average speeds 10 miles per hour also on freeway 15 south from route 52 to route 8 is intolerable...the waste of citizens time and gas monies and the increased carbon footprint as well a heavy ozone contamination is only getting worse.. !! whats the solution free transportation for employees of cororations schools or govts with greater than 25 employees by the small mts access buses 16 passengers door to door home to work wihin a 20 mile radius thanks for your awesome service

thank you for your service steve 6193007229

steven greenwald more than 2 years ago