8 BIG IDEAS for San Diego

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Trolley Beach connection

What happened to getting golks to and from our jewel-our beaches. Another transportation no-brainer is side-walks through Mission and Fashion Valleys that connect tourists to Old Town. Our poor visitors can be found picking their way through a very unfriendly hotel circle. Expand existing pathway along SD River from Mission Gorge to the mouth in OB. this would get more people riding bikes to beach and get bicyclist onto safer routes. I'd love to ride for my 20 mile commute but don't trust drivers and will not ride in busy streets.

J. Sims more than 2 years ago

Big Ideas!

Yes we need to think BIG! Ideas 1, 4, & 5 would be a great start!

Scott Dreher more than 2 years ago

Mission Bay Gateway

Check www.missionbaygateway.org. Mission Bay is a great park but it isn't finished. The mayor's most recent budget includes $400k to get the study process going and a full time employee to manage the process.

Scott Chipman more than 2 years ago