Seaport Village spire could really tower

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Why must EVERY place be "Disney-fied"??

Giant Ferris wheels all over, observation towers in the middle of every tourist destination -- please tell me why we need another tower? Or, for that matter, another aquarium. Scripps is right up the road!

We already have the Sea World observation tower and there's also an existing 500 feet-tall viewplace right there -- restaurant at top of the Grand Hyatt.

michael-leonard more than 1 year ago

No to spire -- I like the Coronado Bridge

There's plenty that's already iconic about San Diego. A tall tower? A hazard to flight. I like the Coronado Bay Bridge, and the Hotel Del. For that money, something better? Who's going to pay for an earthquake-safe structure that tall, built on what is essentially a tidal flat?

Bob S more than 1 year ago

Seaport Village

This project would be way over done. Some sort of spire might work, but not as proposed. While Seaport Village may be out of date, the Port doesn't need everything to produce maximum revenue

Bruce Warren more than 1 year ago


I don't care for it. If your going to build it then why not build it taller than the Space Needle?

Curtis White more than 1 year ago

Sounds amazing

I for one am looking forward to a revamped and innovative segment of the Seaport district. The spire sounds like an iconic attraction that can be enjoyed by many - the floating courts and pools sound pretty cool, too! Hope it comes to fruition...

Irina Rachow more than 1 year ago

I love the pool it should be free to the owners downtown.

I love the idea. Ok I vote yes. The tired shops for the tourist will have to go. Oh well. I think we have enough t shirts.

StaceyA Miller more than 1 year ago