How do we build a better San Diego

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Agreed! We need to be thinking to the future not the past as our current Mission Valley Planning Commission is doing. There needs to be dedicated thoughtful and purposeful AGILE planning occurring to bring San Diego forward. The Civita concept is the first step as long as the city doesn't try to apply 1985 plans to a future community concept. We want to see more small villages that are walkable, self sustaining and transit oriented.

Jill Reichert more than 1 year ago

Imagine the possibilities...

Imagine how the development climate would change if we were to include more women and people of color in these conversations. I imagine one day San Diegans will figure out that we can work together on a much more diverse scale, and truly lead San Diego into the 21st century as one of America's finest cities. It's a lot easier to change the world from the middle than the (imaginary) top down.

Jerry Hall more than 1 year ago