El Niño could cause economic pain

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where flooding might actually occur?

I read the article and live in La Jolla Shores and was curious as to whether or not we were part of the 55,000 potentially exposed to damage and distraction from El Niño this year??
I have been looking for a way to access the exact tool flooding plane part of this report but have not even been able to find the report itself anywhere on the Internet to read.............. could you forwarded to me or the details of whether or not we will face any serious damage issues on Paseo Del Ocaso street in La Jolla Shores

hk more than 2 years ago

El Niño & the San Diego Economy

Report available at: http://www.nusinstitute.org/assets/resources/pageResources/News_And_Notes_El_Nino_SD_Econ.pdf

Kelly Cunningham more than 2 years ago